Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I was listening to this talk show about how arguments between parents affect kids and babies. As the talk show host reported, there has been research that shows even babies get affected by parents having an argument in the next room. And so the host suggested maybe parents should write their arguments on a piece of paper and exchange the papers instead of verbal expression.

My parents had their share of differences and some arguments. But what I learnt from them is that all relations, whether between siblings, friends, parents and kids, have differences and arguments. The idea is to express your feelings and move on. That does not mean there is less love between husband and wife or parents don’t stop loving their children. Difference of opinions and arguments are part of life, part of growing up and part of any relationship.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mother Nature

Scientists have been able to clone cells and animals. They have mapped the human genome. And have made progress in curing diseases considered fatal just a few decades ago. And of course we have reached the comet Tempel 1. But when Mother Nature strikes, there is no shield. In form of earthquake and tsunami or in form of hurricane. There is no preventing Mother Nature’s fury. Is that why we call nature “Mother Nature” and not “Father Nature” :-)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Homo sapiens are after all animals too

They create real terror. That’s why they are called terrorists. And they have done it again, in a different part of the planet.

But Homo sapiens are after all animals. And research has shown time and again that all animals, from a tiny fish to the gray whale, and mankind, have conflicts and differences. Some of these are resolved peacefully and some violently. As we get technologically and scientifically intelligent, more and more, violence seems to prevail. Will this violence in us ultimately destroy us or will it bring peace and harmony and Democracy (as some of our leaders would like to believe).

Only time will tell.


Here was a crash (into the comet) that NASA was waiting for. Eagerly! And there was so much jubilation over it. Celebration too. Now, we will be closer to solving the puzzle of how the universe was created. Maybe.

Is the expense of sending a spacecraft to study a comet justified?

Let’s not even talk about thousands of people starving around the world. Let’s look within our country itself. Let’s think about the American troops in Iraq that lack proper safety equipment. Shouldn’t we be channeling more money to provide them with proper equipment instead of worrying about a Comet’s structure? So what if we don’t solve the puzzle of how the universe was created in the next few weeks. Is that going to change anything in our lives? What is going to change a lot of lives and in turn help lot of families is proper safety equipment for our troops.